Boot Camp Events

Unsure if a boot camp is right for you — or of which topic to study? Interested in learning more about a particular field? Our events meet you wherever you are on your journey. We’ll provide you with the information you need to take the next step in your professional development.

If you’re like most of our learners, you’re looking for a change — but change doesn’t look the same for everyone. Whether you’re eager to start a new career, switch industries or reach the next level in your current role, our boot camps can help you get there.

Regardless of the boot camp you choose, you will receive:

Career Services

during the program and throughout your career

24/7 On-Demand Academic Support

to help you stay on track and succeed in the program

University-Backed Educational Materials

that are in line with local market demands so you can stand out to employers

Exclusive Access to 260+ Employer Partners

through the Career Engagement Network

We have several types of events designed to help give you clarity on your educational journey
and the benefit of joining the Washington University Boot Camps community.

You’re looking for something to propel you forward in your career, but you’re not exactly sure what your next step looks like. The Virtual Open House is a great place to start. You’ll hear about all the Washington University Boot Camps offerings to determine the best fit for you.

During these informational sessions, you’ll hear firsthand from Washington University in St. Louis faculty and boot camp instructors, as well as members of our learner support teams. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions regarding the application process, boot camp requirements, tuition and more.

You know which field you want to go into, and you’re wondering if a boot camp is the best way to get there. During these Boot Camp Experience Overviews, you’ll gain insight into our market-driven curriculum and engaging classroom experience, and discover what sets our programs apart from other options you may be considering.

Join boot camp instructors, support staff and successful alumni who have gone on to work for companies like Liberty Mutual, Optum and Capgemini as they walk you through the ins and outs of the entire boot camp experience. Get your questions answered to help you take the next step on your journey.

Want to learn more about an industry topic before you commit to studying? Our Career Engagement Team partners with 260+ employers to stay up-to-date on industry trends and help you map out a career path tailored to your goals.

These exclusive Career Engagement Workshops are a great way to make new connections and capture insights from leading industry professionals and boot camp alumni. Find out what they look for in qualified candidates, the skills they use on the job and gain the knowledge you need to further your career.